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Doug Macdonald is a fully qualified, professional safari guide who lives in Zimbabwe with his wife and two sons and has been in the safari industry since 1994.

He provides his safari guiding expertise across Africa giving you, the guest, a personalized safari experience designed to your requirements and interests, whether it is your first safari or for those who have experienced travel to Africa before.

Apart from privately guided safari options with Doug, he and his team also design, book and oversee safaris to camps that we are confident offer a quality guiding experience as this we feel is the cornerstone of the safari experience. Let us know what your expectations are and destinations that you would like to visit and we shall design a safari for you using our experience and knowledge of these areas.

We are currently hard at work putting our 2018 safaris together. Please get in touch with us if you would like to receive more information regarding our them.. offers a wide range of information and pictures about different safaris and includes some special interviews and forums with Doug and other safari enthusiasts. By using the link provided, you can check out what Doug said in his interviews.

The charter company that we use for all of our air travel is called Altair. Altair’s charter operation has been flying since 2003. The operation is small and is owned by Giles Raynor who manages the operation and is one of the active and experienced pilots in the operation. Altair does its best to offer and maintain a personal and professional service, we like to meet all clients as they arrive off their international flights (day time) and escort them through the formalities; likewise on their return, we escort them through the booking in process for their outbound international flights.

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To see pictures and information on the safaris done by Doug, please log on to the Facebook page.

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For all our clients we are always prepared to go that extra bit further to ensure they get the experience they are after.

And some times that does require a steady shoulder!!!

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You can have all the patience in the world to get that “ONE” shot. And just as you take a break..

Africa always has a surprise in store for you!!!

Get in early for our 2018 safaris..

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I just been sent this you tube link to a great video compiled by a guest of mine that came on safari to Mana Pools with me in 2015. You might recognise some of the pictures - it certainly brings back some great memories.

Doug is now an accredited guide to 
guide in Zakouma National Park of Chad.

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