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For the Birders
For those that are referred to as “Twitchers” or bird enthusiasts, Africa holds a treasure trove of bird species, and I have no doubt that there are still some species unknown to science on this huge continent. Currently there are known 2477 species in Africa with 1400 of those endemic, so plenty for any “twitcher” to get working on. We can discuss how best to get you in the right areas for those lifers and having the right guides who are specialists in this field, so you get the most ticks from your time.

If you are a serious birder, I would always recommend to you that we arrange a private safari vehicle and guide at the camps and areas you are going to, unless you are part of a dedicated birding group.
Flock together

It can be very frustrating for you and the others in the vehicle when you enjoy spending time identifying a juvenile eagle and they want to go and see lions while you are happy to page back and forwards through your books in search of knowledge.


The Green or Rain Seasons are usually the most productive time for many birders as this is when the migrant species arrive and also much of the breeding takes place for the resident birds. The resident species are often at their best and most colourful at this time of year, singing their loudest and putting lots of effort into the displays. Typically, this is from November through to March in much of Africa.


If you are coming to Africa for the first time to see its birdlife, the countries with some of the best diversity and supporting infrastructure would be – Uganda, South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania. If you however have some really specific species to find , let us know and we will try and put you in the area.

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