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What would you like to see?
Africa is a huge continent and has a tremendous variety of landscapes, vegetation, animals and birds plus a wonderful array of different people and cultures.

The first thing is working out what type of thing you are looking to see, maybe watching the migration on the Serengeti Plains, trekking for gorillas in the jungles of Central Africa, doing game drives in an area that has a wonderful array of different species, walking in the bush and learning more about how the environment works or relaxing on one of Africa's beautiful tropical beaches. Maybe you are looking for a specific species of animal or group of animals, like primates, predators, or birds. These are just a few examples of what could be done, and all of this has a bearing on where your safari should be.
Checking off your list

Most people travelling to Africa will have something that is on their wish list and can be quite specific, we often get the request for seeing the “Big 5” or good chances of predators hunting, and sometimes it may be a specific species like the common but rarely seen Aardvark. Let us know if you have anything specific that you would like us to work into your safari and we will do our best to make it happen or get you to a place for the best opportunities.


When choosing the activities you have heard about and may want to experience, let us know and we can advise you the right way to do it. Specific experiences have a direct impact on how your safari will be planned and designed as not all activities are available in certain areas and some places do that activity better than others.

Just a few activities to experience
Where do you want to go?
It is important for our Travel Designers to know where you would like to go to try and incorporate what you would like to see and do on your safari.
Africa is your oyster

Africa's Number of Different species :    
- 1,100 mammals         
- 60 carnivores               
- 3,000 freshwater fish   
- 2,600 bird species        
100,000 insects            

Most Traveled
Off the Beaten Track
Image by Harshil Gudka
Design your itinerary
Ready to start planning your ultimate African safari with the help and experience of our teams?

Lets get in touch to begin customising your perfect holiday
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