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Discover a new perspective
Being able to walk in the bush with a trained professional is an experience that for some becomes addictive and an important part of any safari. Exploring Africa's wilderness on foot is a unique and unforgettable experience. Your guide will take you into the heart of the African bush, allowing you to experience the sights and sounds of the  wilderness up close and  provide you with the opportunity to observe and learn about the animals and plants from a different perspective.
At your own pace
Walking through the landscapes of Africa is an incredible way to experience the beauty of its wilderness and  inhabitants first-hand. In most countries of Africa that have a tourism product revolving around wildlife, walking is offered as a safari activity, but very few allow this to happen within the National Park areas. The main exceptions being Zimbabwe, Zambia and Chad for the Savannah type areas. In all other countries the walking is offered only in private concession or community areas and often these areas are just as good if not better than the national parks. We can discuss with you what sort of experience would suit you best and where best to go for that.  Connecting with the nature and wildlife around you is a special experience.
Image by David Clode
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