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Contact Us with The Basics

While we specialise in custom made safari journeys from start to finish, we do have a wide a range of outlined safaris available which can also be adjusted to your preference.  


• Is there a specific country or location you wish to travel to?

• Are there certain activities you absolutely must do?

• What kind of experiences are you looking for in your safari?

• What type of traveler are you?

• What range of accommodations are you interested in?

Get in-touch with our Travel designers and provide the basic information on what you are looking for in a safari and what your requirements are for your journey


• How many people will you be traveling with and what are their age groups?

• Do you require a specific type of lodging?

• What previous experiences have you had on safari – where you have been, what type of camp you liked, what experiences to avoid or include in your next safari.

• Do you have any special requirements, diets, allergies, needs?


We Discuss & Send options

Fine Tuning

Confirmation &
Final Design

A member of our team will get back to you with some follow up questions and start sending you some options based off your answers.

We start to narrow down your particulars and start confirming logistical routes and requirements

Our design team will send over a final outline and logistic document for you to confirm.


20% Deposit to book your safari

Balance Payment 60 days prior

Your Safari Specifics

Once we have confirmed your accommodation and travel availabilities we will send through a final invoice of which we require a 20% deposit for to confirm your safari.


PRO TIP: TIME TO GET YOUR TRAVEL INSURANCE – This deposit is nonrefundable so your travel insurance policy should account for this, it is more expensive but a “cancellation for whatever reason” clause really protects you from whatever may happen.

Around 60 days before your due departure we will contact you for the remaining balance to be paid and we will start sending over packing tips and suggestions.

PRO TIP: START LOOKING AT MEDICAL INSURANCE OPTIONS - The key thing to consider is if things go wrong will it cover you to get to an emergency medical facility, to first off be stabilized, and then moved to a suitable medical facility for whatever care is required afterwards. One of the most important questions you should ask is if the cover is recognized by the service providers in the country you are going to and get them to show you that list. This is an important aspect to get right and make sure that your travel designer has these details so everyone is in a position to help quickly if needed.

Your Travel Designer will then get in touch with you with specific notes and advise for your customised safari. Such as visa requirements and steps to take, travel advice and all around support.

From there there is only one thing left....

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