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How do you want to experience it your safari?

For this question it is important to know a little about what options would be available so here is a brief idea of what type of activities are available but some are specific to certain areas and many overlap so you would have a range of different options within a certain area.
Canoes, Kayaks and Mokoro’s
Being on the water with only a paddle and small boat is a really authentic and enjoyable way to spend some time on safari. There are many different options with this like paddling amongst a seal colony in Namibia while the pups race and play with your boat, punt slowly and quietly through the lily pads and reeds of the Okavango Delta in a traditional wooden mokoro or canoe for a multi-day safari along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe watching elephants swim in the river, herds of animals along the banks and hippos grunting as you pass by. Lots of options in many different areas that we can discuss with you.
Scenic Flights
These can be done in either helicopters or small fixed wing planes. They are not available in all areas but where they are available it can either be used as a fun way to transfer between camps or as a specific activity. Examples of these would be going by helicopter over the Okavango Delta at low level between camps or flying along the Skeleton Coast in Namibia and you can even land on the beach if something is there of interest or perhaps going out to a wine estate in Cape Town after flying over Table Bay.
Either onshore or offshore, Africa has a lot of different options to include fishing. This can be done as a specific focus for your time in Africa or as an activity built into your safari. Imagine sitting on a boat in a quiet bay on Lake Kariba with herds of elephant coming down to drink as you watch the sunset with a fishing rod in hand - a truly memorable experience. Africa does have some amazing species of fish like the fierce Tiger Fish, that some count as the best pound-for-pound freshwater game fish. Or the Nile Perch which can grow to enormous sizes in the Nile River system. Offshore all your classic fish like Tarpon, Tuna and Marlin are all there for the keen fisherman. It must be noted that almost without exception fishing is done on a catch and release basis for these organised and professional fishing experiences.
In and on the Sea
The reefs of Africa are noted as some of the finest on the planet whether you’re considering the Islands of West Africa like Sao Tome and Principe, The Red Sea or the Indian Ocean Islands and East African seaboard you will not be disappointed in any of these places, they are spectacular. Most of these areas offer diving certification for the newcomers but I would recommend getting this done prior to your holiday so you can maximize your time on the reefs. Whale watching and shark diving are also activities that we can plan for you to suit the right times of the year.
Hot Air Balloon
Rise up with the Sun
A magical experience that is done in only a few places and countries of Africa – The most spectacular of these would be drifting over the great migration in either the Serengeti and Masai Mara or over the ever changing and ancient dunes of the Namib desert in Namibia. Other destinations that offer this and not that well known are over the Okavango Delta of Botswana, Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, Amboseli in Kenya and also the Pilanesberg and Hoedspruit areas of South Africa. Start your day with a dawn like no other ending with a wonderful traditional champagne breakfast near the landing area.
Peaks of Africa
There are a number of climbs in Africa that are available, not many are technical climbs so anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can have a go, some of these like Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya are multi day treks partly to deal with the altitude acclimatization and also the distance that needs to be covered. There are also shorter hikes that can be done and may only need one night out like Mt Nyiragongo in the DRC so you can watch the Worlds Largest Lava Lake bubbling and heaving in the night. The Ruwenzori Mountains in Uganda is another multi day trek experience up into the snow line of these rift valley peaks and a real adventure in a very remote part that few other people try. All of these can be built into your safari plans and guided with professionals to ensure your safety and enjoyment on these amazing peaks.
These are unique experiential safaris that can be a part of the main safari program or the whole focus. With these experiences we work with the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance who are actively involved with several leading conservation organizations across Africa and the Americas who are working in the field and need financial support for their projects. We will discuss with you along the lines of your favourite animal or the type of experience you are looking for and link that with the right project that is in need of support. With your financial support, we will then get you on the ground with these projects so you can observe and participate in with what happens in the field. This may include helping to dehorn a rhino, putting a tracking tag onto a giraffe, refit a tracking collar on an elephant, take sample biopsies from a cheetah or lion, there really is a so much that is ongoing in Africa that you can help with and be a part of.
Being able to interact with and participate in village activities or just observe from the outside various ceremonies, dances or activities is a very important component or even focus for tourists visiting Africa. Building your safari with this in mind is all part of the planning process which we shall discuss with you.
Desert ATV
Desert ATV's
There are a few places where you can have a great time under the guidance of an expert with you either as a passenger or pilot riding across the deserts or salt pans of Africa. It is a really fun thing to do and a great family activity that requires no special skills or experience. These activities are done in confined areas along established paths to minimize any unnecessary environmental damage. Namibia and Botswana are best for this in either the Namib Desert dunes or the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. A very special experience is riding out for the day – spending the night out under the stars and return in the morning.
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Night Drives
Driving through the bush at night-time looking for nocturnal animals like Honey badgers, Genets, Porcupines and Leopards or walking in a forest at night with a spotlight looking for Chameleons and Galago’s opens up a whole new world that comes alive during the night hours which adds a whole new dimension and species list to your safari experience. It is not all places that allow night drives or walks to happen but if this is important to you, we shall make sure that we get you to areas which do allow it so you can enjoy more safari time away from camp.
Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa
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