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Have the total safari experience
Everyone takes something different away from a safari to Africa, even those on exactly the same safari. So being open to new experiences and being able to enjoy whatever the day brings with no pre-determined expectations will certainly enhance your adventure and make each day more exciting than the last. You never know what is around the next corner, expect the unexpected when you are out on safari. Remember that even the smallest of creatures can influence a whole habitat that allows the big creatures to survive in that area, so take it all in and you will get much more bang for your buck.
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Taylor-made safaris
Understanding what you are hoping to get from your safari is a good starting point in designing the right itinerary to suit you. This may be a specific species or type of safari activity that you are wanting to do – if walking in the bush with your guide is important to you then we will get you to the right areas where this is possible – the cookie cutter safari plan is not our style. We want to design the right safari for you and create lifelong memories.
Who are you travelling with?
In designing a safari understanding the answer to this question is crucial. Is it a solo adventure to climb one of Africa’s peaks, a honeymoon safari or a full family getaway with multiple generations? Knowing this will make sure everyone gets what they hope for from the adventure.” 
Generations on Safari
Taking your family on safari will be a memory that you will all never forget, but be prepared to be doing this more times than you thought. I often get asked is it safe for kids to come on safari or will they appreciate it. I can assure you that virtually without exception the kids I have taken on safari have absorbed and taken more from the experience than the parents and as long as your kids are okay with following some basic rules they will be perfectly safe, I would suggest that any time from 5 years old and up is good for you to consider a family safari and a great adventure for you all to remember.
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When you go, go safely!
People have some pre-conceived ideas of what travel in Africa is like, not helped by virtually the only coverage seen in Western media of Africa is all about war and chaos. When you get here you will see a different side to Africa that is welcoming and people that are genuinely concerned with making sure you have a safe and enjoyable time in their country. The companies that we work with are professional at what they do so making sure you get to the right place safely is a top priority for us and them.
Let us take care of it
Making sure that all the moving parts of your safari are done properly and at the right time is a key element for us in making sure you have a carefree safari experience, so while you focus on the wildlife and scenery, we will be looking out for the details behind the scenes.
  • General
    What do I pack for a safari in Zimbabwe? Please remember that there may be luggage weight or size restrictions on your Zimbabwe safari. Before you travel, we shall advise you on what would be suitable for your specific safari as sometimes you may need a wide range of clothing to cater for the different conditions of your safari. If bush walks are a part of your safari, we advise to not wear white or black coloured clothes. What Stone Ruins are in Zimbabwe? The name Zimbabwe translates as “House of stone”. Between the 11th to 15th Century these stone edifices were constructed around the country and were important centres of trade and government. The main ones being Great Zimbabwe, Khami Ruins and Dhlodhlo Ruins, there are many other smaller ones scattered around. Can I walk by myself in the National Parks? No, you cannot, this is only available in designated areas within Mana Pools National Park after paying for a special permit and signing a disclaimer. We do not recommend doing this, you will have a much better experience being accompanied by a trained professional safari guide familiar with the area. Licensed professional guides working for a registered operator are allowed to take you for walks anywhere within the National Parks. What currency is used in Zimbabwe? The currency in Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean Dollar. In tourist areas most transactions are quoted and done in US Dollars with South African Rand also possible. What time zone is Zimbabwe in? Zimbabwe shares the same time zone as the rest of Southern Africa, which is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time – (GMT) + 2 hours, in the Central Africa Time Zone (CAT) Can I use my credit cards in Zimbabwe? Yes, but only really in the main cities or tourist areas like Victoria Falls with Visa and Mastercard the most widely accepted. To buy curios or paying for camp extras like National Parks Fees it is better to have actual cash. What power sockets are used in Zimbabwe? In the cities and safari camps Zimbabwe uses 220V power points in the camps mostly using Type G plugs. If you have an item that runs on 110V, please bring a converter. It is also advisable to bring additional universal travel adaptors and extra batteries.
  • Visas
    Do I need a visa to travel to Zimbabwe? Most nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at the port of entry or apply for an e-visa before arrival. However, some nationalities may have to apply in advance through an embassy.Please check with your Travel Designer to find out if you require a visa to enter Zimbabwe.
  • Medical
    What Vaccinations do I need for travelling to Zimbabwe? At this time there are no vaccination requirements for tourists visiting Zimbabwe – However if you are travelling to Zimbabwe from areas infected with yellow fever, you must have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate. We will advise the latest regulations before travelling. If you are unsure about what is best for you, please consult your medical practitioner for professional advice on what other vaccinations may be suitable for you. Medical Evacuations? Air medical evacuations are available in Zimbabwe, but it is important that you have medical insurance with this type of remote evacuation cover and declare the details to your travel designer prior to travel. Do I need to take malaria medication when visiting Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is in a malarial zone so please consult with your medical practitioner a few weeks before your departure on what the best prophylactic for you would be. Some courses of medication may need to be started in advance of your visit to Zimbabwe.
What can you do while on safari?
With endless opportunities to customise your safari why not get some inspiration from a list of our favorite things to experience while we are in the wild!
Take a sneak peak of our favorite safaris
We specialise in custom designing your adventure from start to finish. However, sometimes you could use a little inspiration. 
Botswana Mobile Safari
Doing a mobile tented safari across Botswana is probably the most genuine safari experiences, taking you through A wide range of areas, giving you a very high chance of some outstanding safari sightings and experiences. 
8 nights
3 camps
Zakouma National Park
Zakouma National Park is  one of the  must see destinations of Africa. There is a wonderful array of animals here that include all the big cats and the big mammals giving you plenty of opportunities to capture that perfect shot.
8 nights
2 camps
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