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Take a look through
our lens
Looking for the perfect opportunity? Let us take you deeper, further into the raw wilderness. Our safari guides have extensive photographic skills and are equipped with cameras as well. They not only know a ton about the species, but they may also suggest the ideal image.
Tell incredible stories
When a trip with Doug Macdonald Safaris, capture exciting animal moments in motion. A pack of Wild Dogs hunting their prey and the exciting chase that follows. Get right under the nose of an elephant from the safety of our underground hides. A Lilac-breasted roller is swooping across the channel, and you can take pictures of bursts of vivid turquoise and dusty purple. 
A few of our Photographic Safaris on offer
We specialise in custom designing your adventure from start to finish. However, sometimes you could use a little inspiration. 
Elephants fighting in the mud, animals with big mud splash
Botswana Mobile Safari
Doing a mobile tented safari across Botswana is probably the most genuine safari experiences, taking you through A wide range of areas, giving you a very high chance of some outstanding safari sightings and experiences. 
8 nights
3 camps
zukoma national park, elephant, giraffe and lion
Zakouma National Park
Zakouma National Park is  one of the  must see destinations of Africa. There is a wonderful array of animals here that include all the big cats and the big mammals giving you plenty of opportunities to capture that perfect shot.
8 nights
2 camps
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