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What to bring on Safari

People coming to Africa, especially for the first time, will often bring way too much, which is entirely understandable. We will however send you our suggested packing list which will be suited to your particular safari, and the time of year you are travelling so you have a good idea from our experience of what is really needed and what is for just in case.

Where challenges can occur is when you may have multiple destinations included in your safari or overall travel plans that have very different packing requirements. We can discuss with you plans on perhaps leaving luggage in storage while you travel through an area and be ready for you to collect on departure.

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Our expert planning and local knowledge of each region helps keep guests safe and keeps trips going smoothly

For most African countries the US dollar is widely accepted, however you do need to make sure that your notes are new and of the latest version as old notes are not accepted here. We will give you more specific details on what to carry based on the country and areas that you will be travelling to. For tipping or buying small curios we suggest doing this with smaller notes as they are more easily used by the those receiving them and for change. In some cases, using the local currency is better which is usually available at ATMs in the larger centres and airports.

PRO TIP – Have in your mind what the local conversion rate is between your home currency, the US dollar and the local currency, it will help you in working out quickly relative value at restaurants, markets etc.”

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