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Experts in designing life-long memories
When designing and planning a safari we listen carefully to what your expectations and requirements are to make sure we get you to the right areas at the right time of year and into the type of camp that suits you. Every safari will have its own set of unique considerations for us to work with and this is the challenge that we love as we know these journeys are so often life-long memories and what started as a bucket list journey can end up as being an addiction. We take pride in the high number of repeat guests we have returning to Africa with us on a regular basis.
End-to-End Safari
Your safari starts long before the ride to the airport so we will make sure that you have all the right information to prepare properly for your safari, with suggested packing lists, what travel documentation is required, your plane tickets and what to expect while here on safari with everything laid out on a day-to-day basis. In planning and designing the safari we make sure that all the transfers between camps are worked out and arranged to give you a seamless experience with no surprises, however as can happen, there can be problems along the way so we are always there to keep an eye on your safari and if you need help we are there to assist to get things back on track as planned.
Modes of Transport
During a safari there maybe a range of different options to get you to your safari camps in these remote locations. This is generally by light aircraft or safari vehicle depending on the distances involved and what you want from your safari. We take into consideration many things when choosing the right options so your safari all ties together efficiently.
Travel with peace of mind
Our expert planning and local knowledge of each region helps keep guests safe and keeps trips going smoothly
We suggest you take out travel insurance shortly after booking your safari and buy the insurance that has a cancellation" for any reason" clause. Often a safari is booked a good many months ahead and you never know what might happen to you or your family in the time leading up to your safari. Often the deposits are non refundable and the closer you get to your safari travel date, it reduces any possibility of a refund for the safari. So if you do have a drama prior to your safari it is a relief to know that you will not be out that money as well. I think the saying of insuring what you can't afford to lose applies here.
safari 4x4 vehicle driving on dirt road
Private and Specialist Guides
The guide is key to your safari as they can really enhance your sightings with their knowledge and insight from their experiences around Africa. Having a private guide travelling with you for all or part of the safari adds an extra level as they will quickly work out what your interests are and what needs to be focused on in a particular area knowing what you have seen and discussed already and what is likely to happen in the next leg of your adventure. For those with very focused interests like birds, insects, vegetation, photography, history etc we have developed a great list of these specialists that can lead you on your safari experience.
national Park Entrance
Design your itinerary
Ready to start planning your ultimate African safari with the help and experience of our teams?

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