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Kicking things off

Gonarezhou National Park continues to go from strength to strength

and we are proud to be one of the few operators in the park that can offer personalized

mobile tented safaris in various key areas around the park. We are having some great

sightings here including Black Rhino along with the beautiful landscapes, it really should

be on your safari wish list. This park is certainly big enough, with lots of habitat and

species diversity to make this a single destination safari - come and see what all the hype

is about.


We are seeing that despite the drama that the World constantly seems to find itself in, the demand for African safari travel is quite high which I think is combined with the post covid desire for travel along with the “Let’s just do it while we can …” attitude of some travellers. So what I am saying is that space is becoming very limited in many camps in the most well-known destinations like the Masaai Mara, Kruger National Park, Mana Pools, Serengeti, etc. So I do suggest that if you are wanting to travel anytime this year lets get the discussion going so we can use our contacts and knowledge to design your safari as you want it.

- Carpe Diem.


We have a few spaces left for our Zakouma National Park safaris in

Chad for March 2023. This is one of those must see safari destinations that will leave you astounded with the volume and variety of mammal and birdlife.

What adds to your experience is that many of the mammal species are different from your traditional East and South African species or varieties. Kordofan’s Giraffe, Buffon’s Kob, Tiang, West African Crocodile, West African Lion, Central African Buffalo, Lelwel Hartebeest, Striped Hyena, Pale Fox, Defassa Waterbuck, Roan, Oribi and lots more. Each safari departure is in March 2023 with one night in N’Djamena and 7 Nights in Zakouma.

The pricing is for either a private group or mixed group up to 6 guests. Come and see this incredible park and get some new sightings on your life list.


We work closely with the Ivan Carter Conservation Alliance and can offer exclusive and unique conservation travel opportunities. There are many projects that are looking for donors to help either research, protection or relocations for many species in many African countries. If you are wanting to be a part of this as a donor we can get you onto the frontline helping with the project - maybe collaring a giraffe or elephant, de-horning a rhino, re-locating a lion and lots of other options.

There is lots going on just let us know how you would like to be a part of these unique opportunities where it is not purely a donation, you get to be a part of the team.



I have had some amazing safaris recently all unique from another but with

some incredible sightings that do reinforce in me that travel in the green season is really

something to consider seriously even if it would be your first safari – I have seen Black Leopard in Kenya – watched Lions hunting and killing in Hwange – seen a cheetah mom with 6 cubs (my most ever) – done a giraffe tagging exercise in Kenya with guests a real hands on and educational experience – and best of all is the beautiful green environment with gangs of baby animals everywhere. What’s not to like


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